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1. Quality acrylic sheets:

the products all adopt Dongguan Qianse and Shunde Youmei sheets. All raw materials exceed national standard;


2. Resin:

Quality resin is important guarantee of FRP strength;


3. Stainless steel stand:

 Shengna' products all adopt stainless steel stands for longer service life;


4. Complete varieties:

We keep close attention to the market, increase development efforts, and base on assured quality to constantly develop new-type marketable products to match perfectly with existing products, to form complete lineup of high, middle and low-grade products.


5. Product configuration:

Adopts LX brand motor, with low noise, high power and with repair rate lower than 2;

LCD TVs are customized with our own molds, with novel and unique style, belonging to top level;

All passing CE, ROSH certification, the steam room and integral shower room computer control systems fully solve such technical problems as poor radio receiving in some areas;

Electrical parts (common shower room control panel, steam generator, motor): different power supply plugs, input voltage and electrical devices with different frequencies can be chosen according to different areas and countries; motor, steam generator are available in 110V and 220V, and motor plugs are in 6 types (see attached pictures: Motor plugs);

Surfing tub computer controls for 4 types of surfing (circulating, pulsating, massage and common), increasing joy of leisure life;

Bubble bath includes common bubble bath and color-lamp bubble bath. Color lamp bubble bath can better represent romantic passion of the city;

Automobile windshield level FRP, absolutely safe and reliable, with more choices of patterns and crafts;

In the same-quality and same-price era, Shengna' products are more attractive in pricing; among manufacturers of the same scale and quality, Shengna' is more advantageous in pricing.