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1. Acryl
1) The Chinese name “压克力” is transliteration of “acryl”, whose chemical name is PMMA;
2) Properties of acrylic sheet: Outstanding in performance, with smooth and delicate surface, hiding no dirt, easy to clean, resisting high temperature, non-toxic and without side effect;
3) Acrylic sheet quality identification:
Quality acrylic sheets are made with quality imported PMMA granules. For instance, acrylic sheets from Dongguan Qianse and Shunde Youmei are best quality products;
Reclaimed acrylic sheets: Reclaimed acrylic sheets are made with edges and angles left in finished-product manufacturing. This kind of sheets have lots of pores, with poor glossiness (dull color) and poor strength, mostly used by factories in Jiangsu and Zhejiang and some factories in Gaoming.
4) Comparison between quality acrylic sheets and reclaimed acrylic sheets:
Quality acrylic sheets feature high glossiness, smooth and delicate surface, easy to clean, non-toxic and without side effect, without deforming after 24-hour 100℃ boiled water test, exceeding national standard in Mohr strength test; Reclaimed acrylic sheets have poor surface glossiness and handfeel, easy to hide dirt, with time-consuming cleaning, not meeting standard in 24-hour 100℃ boiled water test, not meeting standard in Mohr strength test;
5) We only adopt Dongguan Qianse and Shunde Youmei acrylic sheets, and therefore customers can use our products without worry;
6) Colors of acrylic sheets:
Commonly used acrylic sheets are white and bone color. White color is divided into pure white and china white (actually used on common single tub). Due to technological factor, most manufacturers chooses china white as main color of single tub; bone color is divided into deep bone color and light bone color (refer to Xinlang acrylic sheet color samples for specific color); besides above commonly used colors, products can also choose black, red, blue and other non-standard colors. But non-standard customization results in relatively higher prices, and batch customization is necessary. Also, acrylic sheet factories recently launched light pearl sheets and pearl sheets, and the shaped products are more elegant, but at comparatively higher prices. Customization is possible if prices are accepted by customer.

2. Resin
1) Unsaturated polyester resin is made with xylene formaldehyde and unsaturated dicarboxylic acid and dihydric alcohol, etc. through condensation polymerization and then styrene diluting.
▲ Feature: Relatively high corrosion-resistance and mechanical strength, as well as relatively good high temperature resistance;
2) Unsaturated polyester resin is the main material of the FRP reinforcing layer of our acrylic products;
3) Advantages and disadvantages of unsaturated polyester resin:
Good unsaturated polyester resin together with other chemical raw materials forms FRP which is of good strength and without delaminating. Testing method: Use a hammer to strike the acrylic FRP with high force, and the entirety has no crushing and delaminating;
Since unsaturated polyester resin is of relatively simple production techniques, many unqualified manufacturers make poor quality resin to flood the market, which is used at large quantity by factories of the industry to make products which are of relatively poor quality. Testing method: Use a hammer to strike the acrylic FRP, and the entirety has crushing and delaminating. This is common with those low-price products made by Jiangsu and Zhejiang manufacturers and some Foshan manufacturers;
4) The unsaturated polyester resin we use is from Guangdong Panyu Futian Chemical Co., Ltd., which is brand product up to national standard (3000 yuan/ton higher in price than products of those small manufacturers)