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  1. How to discriminate left apron from right apron?
    Answer: To discriminate bathtub direction: When lying in the tub in correct direction, if the apron is on the left hand side, it is left apron; if the apron is on the right hand side, it is right apron. To discriminate room direction: use the seat in the base tub to discriminate left apron from right apron--when sitting in the base tub in correct direction, if the apron is on the left hand side, it is left apron; if the apron is on the right hand side, it is right apron (discriminate a tub according to the pillow; discriminate a room according to the seat). Customer can freely choose product of proper direction for convenience of layout.
  2. How to discriminate glossy and sand silver?
    Answer: Glossy silver aluminum profiles have been polished, bright like stainless steel; sand silver is of spray coating treatment, with handfeel of fine sand.
  3. What kind of room base tub can have massage tub added?
    Answer: Tall tub 1.2m long or longer can have massage function added.
  4. What is called integral shower room? What is called steam room?
    Answer: A common acrylic shower room with top shower, ceiling lamp, radio, back massage, cold/hot water adjustment switch is called integral shower room; rooms with added steam function are called steam rooms.
  5. What is called bathtub with fittings? What is called massage bathtub?
    Answer: A bathtub with cold/hot water switch, shower, waterfall and hand-switch or pedal drainer is called bathtub with fittings; based on these comprehensive functions, motor, air switch and surfing adjustment are added to form a massage bathtub.
  6. What elements can be added to a massage tub?
    Answer: For a common massage tub, computer control can be added to make its functions more comprehensive and powerful; bubble bath or color lamp bubble bath can be added to offer more choices and make it more romantic; constant-temperature device, LCD TV and DVD, etc. can be added for noble enjoyment. 
  7. What are patterns on the glass?
    Answer: Patterns can be screen printed on glass (patterns can be freely selected according to pictures).
  8. How to deal with water leakage?
    Answer: For leakage at massage tub bottom caused by long-distance transportation or other factors, please carefully check the leakage position, generally nozzle or PVC tube connection point. If it is a nozzle leakage, take off the nozzle, apply glass cement again, wait for 24 hours for complete melting; if it is a tube leakage, apply 502 glue into the gap and wait for complete hardening before using; for room body installation, apply glass cement at the contact of aluminum profile and acrylic sheet to prevent leakage.
  9. How to deal with fault of computer controller or motor?
    Answer: First check the power supply, power supply plug and leakage protection switch. If power failure is caused by wet plug, you can use a dryer to blow it dry, press the leakage protection switch; for other faults occurring within one year from date of purchase, the factory will offer free replacement service, and expenses will be charged after the one-year warranty expires.
  10. Plugs used by motor and steam generator are generally classified into 6 types: American plug, British plug, European plug, South African plug, Australia plug and Chinese plug with English words (see attached pictures):


When placing an order, please specify plugs and voltage used by motor and steam generator!