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Because our products are large fragile items, in order to reduce damage to product mobility processes as much as possible and ensure the safety of products to facilitate storage and transportation loading and unloading accelerate handover base outside, so we use high quality packaging materials. In products completed last together processes Hou, first with bubble bubble paper cover products surface; then with foam as fills property, to prevent transport process in the of shaking, by caused parts of breakage; last hit Shang carton and wood rack, its main role is protection merchandise, prevent in transportation process in the occurred damage cargo poor, and maximum to avoid transport en route various outside conditions on merchandise may produces of effects, convenient test, and count and distribution.




For the convenience of customers transport needs, our company equipped with specialized transport team, we can provide short-distance transport services near Foshan and consolidation services.









Domestic long distance, our company can provide customers with logistics companies, customers need only to local distribution station to receive.






Overseas container, we can be assembled according to customer requirements, for example, some customers prefer consolidation, some customers prefer to break up with packing method, so you can save location, and cost savings.