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1. Chat products provide:
Dear customer, in order to personalize your custom-made product pictures (replacement, configuration, color), size, packaging, quantity and printing requirements and so on, please call or online with our company as a salesman on clear design artwork if there is no specific information, our factory can be based on your description, for reference design meets the requirements of your programme selection.

2. Sample:
Our non-standard products according to customer's requirements to produce samples and charging of fees samples, samples of special note this fee will be refunded after the successful cooperation, and this is just one way in good faith by the two sides, for understanding!


3. Payment of the deposit:
According to the type of customer and order numbers to pay a deposit, for a total amount of 30%, our factory will receive the deposit within 24 hours after the purchase of raw materials, to arrange production according to delivery date.


4. The production is complete:
Pictures made by the factory or customers to examine goods satisfied, pay off the balance. I plant will provide logistics receives the money order or arrange delivery, thank you!


5. Special Notes:
Price is for reference only, specific requests for prices depending on the size, materials, packaging, you are welcome to contact us!