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※ Bathing culture
Shower is not only a way of life for the people, but also an art and a culture. Concept of bathing with the changes of the times, Various presentational features and its cultural connotationGradual evolution. Especially in the modern era of bathing culture and historical background, design and combination of high technology, the emergence of new trends on the bathroom. Family social bathing in bathtub centred culture, is under the influence of this trend and developed.
Bathing culture in the history of mankind has gone through various stages, till today, it does not stop at the simple " Take a bath " Level, but demand for entertainment, relaxation and health activities, benefiting not just the body, was also the soul. During the course of evolution, the modern bathroom products have made considerable improvements in functionality, quality, and create a high quality lifestyle and pay more attention to environmental protection and energy saving.






※ Happy bath
Happy bath is a philosophy of life, is an attitude to life, is a kind of wisdom. It represents a full play to their initiative and innovative spirit, choose a fine healthy lifestyle, promote low carbon living wisdom. Therefore, we advocate for " happy bath " concept to include at least the following three aspects: innovation, healthy and low-carbon.








Shengna sanitary ware since its inception, never stops exploration and pursuit of innovation, 2004 First development launches fiber green acrylic sheet bathtubs, shower units, 2010The first advent of hot spring bath, shengna bathroom every time technology innovation, have set off a revolution in the industry.
Growing environmental issues, eco-friendly low-carbon lifestyles more and more human attention. Low-carbon life represents the healthier, more natural and safe, as well as a low-cost, low-cost way of life , it requires that we actively promoted in real life and to practice low-carbon life, start from myself, from scratch, starting from now, details.
Shengna advocate-bathroom with wisdom to create Deluxe, based on core values, we have been committed to make bathing a pleasure and fun, life for millions of families in the world to create gorgeous bath. We never gave up trying!




5 S management
※  1S-(Seiri)       Distinguish between want and don't items, keep only essential items on the site.


※  2S-(Seiton)    Don't waste time looking for items, improve the work efficiency and product quality, to ensure the safety of production.


※  3S-(Seiso)      Remove dirt, keep the site clean and bright.


※  4S-(Seiketsu) Seriously to maintain and adhere to the effect of sorting, reorganization, cleaning, keep the best state.


※  5S-(Shitsuke) Promote the quality of the people, cultivate is exquisite serious about any job.