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※ In 1995, Foshan Shengna Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. was founded. Down-to-Earth, innovative, We produced the first Onyx bathtubs in that year;


※ In 1997, Foshan Shengna Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd has registered "Shengna" trademark;


※ In 1999, our production and research and development focused on leisure baths and get market recognition;
※ In 2000, the first acrylic bathtubs-bathroom available in the industry caused a sensation; 
※ In 2001, Shengna became one of the first production, research and development of steam room-bathroom sanitary ware manufacturer, products praised by consumers;
※ In 2002, development, production and marketing of leisure bath products in the bathroom industry and widespread concern;


※ In 2003, the first time participate in the Guangzhou Export Commodities Fair, and the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Australia and other foreign businessmen to sign purchasing contracts;


※ In 2004, Shengna' Royal Bathtub Series were developed; 
※ In 2005, Shengna Sanitary Ware anniversary, celebrations marking the anniversary of the successful holding, recalling the brand development trajectories, share the joy and joy;


※ In 2006, we participated in the Guangzhou international sanitary and building materials Expo;
※ In 2008, because of the global economic crisis, Shengna enforcing the internal management, on the one hand, on the increased brand marketing efforts and a high profile presence in Foshan Beauty Jia sanitary ceramics world;


※ In 2008, Shengna joined hands in Alibaba, involved in Internet marketing, breaking traditional marketing ideas, vigorously promote the online and offline marketing strategies;


※ In 2009, Shengna company was awarded as "heavy contract, keep promise" unit certificates;


※ In 2009, Shengna Sanitary Ware comes out with a new brand, "Sheng Shi Nuo";


※ In 2010, we further clarify dual-brand strategy and product development, advocates "quality project", higher demands on the production process. Through continuous innovation of products and enhance the brand image, win customers and markets;


※ In 2011, property control, national financial policy, manufacturing costs and other factors, must blow to the development of building materials industry. Shengna presented "embracing change", positively respond to: Optimizing organizational structure, the establishment of Management Department; efforts to increase staff training; increased input to dealer support and brand promotion, widely established cooperative relations with the media, trying to raise brand awareness and brand value;


※ In 2012, the marketing Center Engineering Department, increase the intensity of engineering channel development; increased media and brand promotion efforts;


※ In 2013, insist on brand internationalization, specialization, adhere to the brand's core values. Set up research and development centers, strengthening the research and innovation of new technologies for brand development;


※ the new 2014, we are with you for a better future ... ...